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10 Years After: Advanced Biofuels’ Status, Opportunities and Challenges | february 5, 2018

In the US, the EPA approved sorghum oil as a feedstock to produce RIN credit eligible biodiesel opening a lower cost raw material source. Ryze Renewables received a USDA guaranteed loan for $112 million for a biorefinery in Storey County, Nevada. The new refinery is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2019. Estimated capacity is 40 million gallons per year. Renewable energy company PPD of WV One, in partnership with Proton Power, expects to launch an $80 million plant early in 2018 in West Virginia. SynSel Energy, Inc. announced that they have secured up to $600M in construction funding to build two $300M biorefineries.

EDC sees transportation upgrades needed in future | January 12, 2018

At their Wednesday meeting, EDC members opened discussions regarding transportation for incoming companies like the planned Synsel biofuel refinery.

Two major areas of focus were railroad upgrades and extension of the airport runway.

At their Wednesday meeting, EDC members opened discussions regarding transportation for incoming companies like the planned Synsel biofuel refinery.

Two major areas of focus were railroad upgrades and extension of the airport runway.


Biofuels plant development expected to begin at Ontonagon paper mill | January 11, 2018

Ontonagon - A public announcement of the construction and development of a $300 million advanced biofuels plant at the site of the closed paper mill in Ontonagon is "expected shortly," Pat Tucker told the Ontonagon County Economic Development Corporation Wednesday.

He indicated SynSel Energy's closing on the funds - which are already secured - is in the process now of being transferred into the appropriate accounts. He said the process has been "moving slowly with four countries involved," but is moving as planned.

SynSel Energy, Inc. Partners With a Private Lender to Fund 2 Biorefineries | August 19, 2017  

SynSel Energy, Inc. announced that they have executed a Term Sheet and Commitment Letter from a private lender to provide $600M in construction funding to build two $300M SynSel Biorefineries.  One plant will be located in Ontonagon, Michigan and one plant will be located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  SynSel CEO Tim Tawoda described the private lender's structure as a “non-traditional construction loan that requires the creation of a $75M Good Faith Account (GFA) for each biorefinery to meet lending covenants.”  


Top 10 wood waste projects – Not letting waste go to waste | September 30, 2017

Illinois – Wood-based biorefineries

We reported in July that Synsel hopes to finalize financing in the next few months for two $300 million wood-based biorefineries in Ontonagon, Mich. and Lumberton, Miss. that are meant to produce synthetic gasoline, diesel and aviation. The Ontonagon project aims to repurpose the mothballed Smurfit-Stone Paper Mill that was closed in 2010 but the Lumberton site was not identified. The licensor of the technology that will be employed at the biorefineries was only identified as a major oil and gas company.


SynSel Energy, Inc. Bringing Jobs to Rural America | August 12, 2017

SynSel Energy, Inc. of Elmhurst, IL is partnering with a US-based financier and local stakeholders across the US to develop a network of 100 biorefineries in shuttered industrial sites.  The plants will be constructed on a proprietary template, using state-of-the-art, environmentally-responsible technology to produce clean second-generation biofuels from our nation's abundant wood waste and forest residue.

Biofuels could boost Western UP | August 10, 2017

New biofuels could give the Upper Peninsula economy a boost.

"It's a good fit for the region. It's a game changer," said Pat Tucker of Lost Bowl Development.

Biofuels, which are fuels made directly from organic materials like wood or algae, will soon breathe life back into the former Smurfit-Stone Container paper mill in Ontonagon.

Biofuel plant construction set to begin | August 9, 2017

Thousands of construction workers could be employed next year to begin constructing a new biorefinery plant in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

“That should be happening soon,” said Brian Buckta, SynSel Energy senior vice-president administration. “Ontonagon will be one of the first, if not the first.”


SynSel Energy biofuels plant in Lumberton could bring hundreds of jobs |  AuguST 2, 2017

A biofuels plant coming to Lumberton could generate hundreds of jobs during its construction and operation.

SynSel Energy Inc. of Elmhurst, Illinois, is targeting 2020 for the opening of the plant in the Lumberton Industrial Park. It would use wood waste and forest residue to produce renewable gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel.

Coming Onto. biofuel refinery to employ 250 | JULY 26, 2017

Plans to construct an advanced biofuels plant in Ontonagon next summer are moving forward.

Ontonagon’s Lost Bowl Development partnered with SynSel Energy Inc. and a U.S.-based financier to develop a $300 million biorefinery on the site of the town’s former Smurfit-Stone Container paper mill that closed in 2010.


SynSel Energy Inc. to open biofuels plant in Ontonagon | july 17, 2017

Ontonagon has been selected as one of two initial sites in the U.S. for the construction of an advanced biofuels plant. SynSel Energy, Inc., is partnering with a U.S.-based financier and Lost Bowl Development, LLC, to develop the $300 million biorefinery at the site of the closed Smurfit-Stone Paper Mill in Ontonagon. A second identical $300 million plant will be developed by SynSel in Lumberton, Miss. Each site is expected to produce about 250 direct and indirect jobs.