Develop 100 biorefineries and corresponding Enviro Industrial Parks throughout the US and Canada in the next 10 years. With each development we will generate strong returns while rebuilding communities through job creation and increased economic opportunity.


To be a leading producer of drop-in biofuels using environmentally friendly processes and sustainable technology.


Operational Principles

Deploy First-in-Class Technology


SynSel develops, licenses, or acquires leading edge technology to deploy in its Bio-Refineries and Enviro Industrial Parks


Develop Seamless Biomass & Fuel Integration


SynSel incorporates end-to-end processes and procedures to ensure environmentally-friendly and sustainable biofuel solutions


Revitalize Communities


SynSel helps communities often disrupted by plant closures to regain resiliency and economic freedom through job creation and energy security


Contribute to Cleaner Air, Water & Environment


SynSel produces biofuel solutions that reduce emissions, utilize renewable resources, recycle waste byproducts


Increase Wildfire Resiliency


SynSel reduces fire risk to communities through responsible forest management services while producing biofuel from otherwise vulnerable biomass waste


Support Energy Security 


SynSel leverages non-food, renewable biomass feedstocks to produce biofuels that align with US Department of Defense objectives, meet market demand, and reduce dependency on petroleum-based products


Advancement of Science & Education


SynSel works with leading energy and academic institutions to advance the science and promote our sustainable solutions throughout legacy markets