What We Do


SynSel is a developer, technology integrator, and owner/operator of biorefineries throughout the US and Canada. We produce high quality biofuels similar in performance to fossil-based fuels but have an enhanced carbon footprint. We focus our developments in areas rich in resources but are often highly distressed due to previous plant and factory closures. These economically disadvantaged communities have a strong workforce and existing industrial infrastructure but are deserving of new mixed-use developments.

Through our developments, SynSel is driven to do our part to mitigate waste, reduce carbon pollution, and build community resilience through job creation. With our biorefineries serving as the foundation, SynSel also works with local community businesses and leaders to further expand economic opportunities by developing Enviro Industrial Parks.

Frenchtown, Montana, one of our first sites for a SynSel Biorefinery, was hit hard when its Smurfit-Stone Mill closed. SynSel and our investors are committed to revitalizing this community. We will bring strong jobs to this area and project engineering is slated to commence soon.