SynSel biorefineries & Enviro Industrial Parks

SynSel locates its biorefineries and Enviro Industrial Parks near abundant sources of waste wood and forest residue. Unfortunately, many of these areas have become economically distressed and are associated with high unemployment.

SynSel leverages the industrial-zoned infrastructure; available excess biomass feedstock; and an available workforce to deploy its biorefineries. It then works with communities to build-out Enviro Industrial Parks. These communities are, in return, revitalized through nearly 100 full-time jobs with each biorefineries, and hundreds of construction and indirect jobs necessary to support operations.

Current projects under development / consideration:


Ideal SynSel plant locations have:

  • Abundant sources of waste wood biomass feedstock

  • Property owners or stakeholders wishing to co-develop the property, manage the wood supply chain, and oversee community relations

  • Passionate Community and local/state Economic Development Commission support

  • Necessary utility and transportation infrastructure

  • Local motivated feedstock supplier