A Breakthrough Thermocatalytic Process


SynSel’s biorefineries utilize a thermocatalytic process to convert non-food biomass feedstock like wood waste from mill operations and forest residue into synthetic gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel. The thermocatalytic conversion process consists of 5 key steps including:

  • Feedstock sizing & moisture control to specification
  • Hydropyrolysis
  • Hydroconversion
  • Distillation to remove trace aromatics
  • Product recovery to separate the biofuel into gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel

The Conversion Process

In addition to the generated biofuel, the thermocatalytic conversion process produces close to zero life-cycle carbon dioxide emissions while also producing marketable commodities like: biogenic carbon dioxide, biochar, nitrogen-based fertilizer, and process heat. These commodities are to be further leveraged by SynSel’s Enviro Industrial parks to create value-add products and services from the agricultural, food and beverage, and industrial manufacturing sectors.