SynSel targets the most economically distressed district in each region. Our mission is revitalizing suffering communities with the  production of Renewable Second-Generation Biofuels. We’ve assembled the leading “A” team to bring this best-in-breed technology to market. Our goal is deploying our repeatable platform to 100 sites across the US in the next eight years. A similar amount of facilities will be deployed in the world’s largest wood basket – Canada. We have the passion, team and technology to accomplish this goal. We are on the verge of the SynSel Synthetic Fuels Revolution.

SynSel’s spirit is rooted deep in Community Resiliency. Our intentions and ambitions are aligned with this core focus: Achieving a Holistic Impact on economically distressed communities such that the benefits are self-sustaining - providing a higher quality of life and wellness going forward for future generations. Our biorefineries complement existing and retired forest-related mills within these environs by providing a profitable and eco-friendly outlet for  wood byproducts. We use this biomass to produce American-made, drop-in fuels. The production process is also good for the environment, energy/national security and provides a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuel and EVs (electric vehicle).

Government incentives to create jobs and reduce carbon footprints are shepherding the petroleum industry to support America’s burgeoning synthetic fuel sector. The SynSel fuel platform garners the highest priority and rewards from mandates designed to avoid the “blend-wall” limitaitons of ethanol and biodiesel fuel.

The complimentary Enviro Industrial Park more than doubles the amount of jobs while utilizing local waste streams. This initiative also fortifies community resiliency and diversity – adding jobs in the data center, industrial greenhouse, aquatic farms and transportation fuel sectors. The local service, transportation and harvesting industries benefit also. Regional engineering colleges will be key contributors to Master Planning for the EIPs.

Over the last 7 years, SynSel has aligned with the “best in class” technology-providers, banks, engineering firms, consultants and construction companies to launch the SYNSEL BIOFUELS REVOLUTION.

One SynSel biorefinery at a time, we will do our part to increase national energy security, combat global warming, protect against fire hazard, promote advancement of science and education, and increase community resiliency in rural America. Are you ready to join the SynSel Synthetic Fuels Revolution?


Tim Tawoda
Chief Executive Officer