SynSel and its Impact Investing stakeholders produce environmentally friendly and sustainable biofuel solutions to mitigate waste, reduce carbon pollution, and revitalize community resiliency through job creation and self-sufficiency. SynSel focuses on the most distressed and economically disadvantaged communities in the deployment of The Biofuel Revolution, like the site under development at Frenchtown, Montana. This community was hit hard by the closure of the Smurfit-Stone Mill and is desperate for new mixed-use development by SynSel and its investors.


As part of the Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future, SynSel Energy is collaborating to support the commercialization of "drop-in" biofuel substitutes for petroleum-based fuels. Drop-in biofuels will help America reach its goal of energy independence while reducing the need for foreign oil and strengthen America through job creation in areas hit hardest by job losses in industries like pulp and paper. SynSel’s spirit is rooted deep in Community Resiliency. Our intentions and ambitions are aligned with these core values. Achieving a Holistic Impact is more important than making money or the world’s highest quality fuel.

Purposeful biomass management also helps mitigate fire hazards and the resultant bio-fuel offers a more responsible alternative to Electric Vehicles (EVs). All of SynSel agendas are reinforced with our commitment to the advancement of science and technology.

The SynSel Biofuels Revolution will be fought on land, air and sea: gasoline and diesel fuel for land transportation vehicles, aviation fuel for commercial and military jets ... zero-sulfur diesel replacement for marine bunker fuel.

In 2019, the SynSel Biofuels Revolution battlegrounds expand to Canada.