SynSel Energy, Inc. Bringing Jobs to Rural America

SynSel Energy, Inc. of Elmhurst, IL is partnering with a US-based financier and local stakeholders across the US to develop a network of 100 biorefineries in shuttered industrial sites.  The plants will be constructed on a proprietary template, using state-of-the-art, environmentally-responsible technology to produce clean second-generation biofuels from our nation's abundant wood waste and forest residue.

SynSel has recently announced the locations of the first 2 plants in the SynSel network as Ontonagon, MI and Lumberton, MS.  SynSel CEO, Tim Tawoda stated, "These plants are fully-funded, and SynSel is currently securing the project deposit fund required to release pre-construction and construction funds. Both plants are slated to be fully operational by 2020.

Each SynSel biorefinery will employ 100 workers, and an estimated 150 supporting jobs will be created in each surrounding community. SynSel's co-developer Mr. Pat Tucker, President of Lost Bowl Development, LLC in Ontonagon, MI stated, ""The Smurfit-Stone Paper Mill closed in 2010 and was just one more economic setback for Ontonagon after the copper mine and shipyard closures. The SynSel biorefinery is a huge step in reversing the unemployment trends in Ontonagon and the Upper Peninsula, in general. We are honored to be partnering with SynSel and their financer to help revitalize this community with good-paying jobs insulated against the boom-and-bust cycles of the legacy mining industry."