The Synthetic Fuels Revolution

SynSel is a developer, technology integrator, and owner/operator of biorefineries in the USA and Canada. High quality synthetic biofuels similar to fossil gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel are produced but have a significantly better carbon footprint. The biofuels also do not have the limitations faced by ethanol and bio-diesel. SynSel sells its biofuels on the commodity market to maximize returns.

SynSel biorefineries also serve as the anchors to future SynSel Enviro Industrial Parks where process waste byproducts are reused to create value-add products and services. As a result, communities previously devastated by the closure of pulp and paper mills become resilient by way of job creation and energy security.


Our Vision

To be a leading producer of Second-Generation Drop-in Renewable Biofuels using environmentally friendly and sustainable technology.


Our Mission

Deploy 100 plants with environmentally friendly and sustainable biofuel solutions to generate strong returns, enhance US Energy Security, revitalize communities through job creation, mitigate waste, and provide an integral component in combating Climate Change though dramatic reductions in carbon pollution.