SynSel Cup Royale

SynSel is proud to announce its sponsorship of the inaugural SynSel Cup Royale Race Around the World to be held in February of 2021. This contest is the first of its kind for powerboats to race from port to port while circumnavigating the world with the winner determined by overall race performance. Selected teams from 10 countries will be targeted for participation in this inaugural race with plans to expand this annual race to 50 countries.

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Each country’s team will develop their own 50 to 80-foot long powerboat.  The goal is to develop the most efficient, sustainable hydrodynamic design that meets the specifications provided for the SynSel Cup Royale. SynSel will also be the platinum sponsor of the US team, which is named SynSel Team USA. The US boat will be a 68-foot long, super-efficient catamaran powered by twin Caterpillar diesel engines. It is nearing completion and will be launched this fall in time for the promotional tour. 



Promotional Activities

An extensive promotional tour is scheduled to begin in late 2019 to build momentum for the inaugural SynSel Cup Royale race. Look for upcoming events featuring SynSel Team USA at major ports on the Mississippi River and East Coast starting later this year. Many of the promotional stops coincide with planned SynSel Biorefinery locations like Cairo, IL and Ontonagon, MI. SynSel Plant locations must consider transportation costs of feedstock, and port cities are desirable since delivery by barge is one-twelfth the cost of trucking and one-fourth the cost of rail.

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Environmental Impact

The SynSel Cup Royale will also shine a spotlight on sustainable hydrodynamic technology, more efficient maritime propulsion systems, and greener biofuels for island and maritime use. Cup Royale’s commitment to greener biofuels makes SynSel a perfect partner and sponsor. A strategic network of SynSel Biorefineries has the potential to provide the world with clean synthetic biofuel free from the contaminants found in “fossil diesel fuel” and other liquid fuels.

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Many maritime vessels also use “Bunker C” (Fuel Oil No. 6). The adverse health effects of this high-sulphur fuel are so severe that many places, such as New York City, have banned its use. A new rule requiring shipping companies to substantially reduce the amount of sulfur in their bunker fuel will also be enforced in 2020 by the International Maritime Organization. This means the shipping industry will need to find alternatives to fuel oil.


Furthermore, SynSel produces cost-competitive, drop-in biofuels eligible for military use. The qualities of SynSel Biofuel are fully aligned with the US Department of Defense’s vision of the Great Green Fleet.


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SynSel Cup Royale Eagle Claw Award

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SynSel is also proud to support the annual “SynSel Cup Royale Eagle Claw” award. This award is established to honor the eight servicemen who gave their lives in the Iranian Desert in April 1980 while attempting to rescue the 52 embassy staff held captive at the US Embassy in Tehran.

Each year prior to the beginning of the race, a deserving US Military Veteran or First Responder will receive this award for their outstanding American business start-up. Contestants will submit a business plan for consideration, and ten finalists will be selected to compete in a “Shark Tank” styled competition. The winner will receive a $1 Million prize to help grow their business and realize the American Dream.